Mađioničar Vladimir | Dubrovnik
Mađioničar Vladimir | Magician Vladimir | Dubrovnik
Mađioničar Vladimir | Magician Vladimir | Dubrovnik

Events with a Magician Vladimir in Dubrovnik

Step into a world of wonder and intrigue in the enchanting city of Dubrovnik, where extraordinary experiences await VIP guests. Introducing our esteemed Magician, who weaves spells of mesmerizing entertainment for the discerning few. With a touch of mystique and a dash of elegance, our Magician creates moments of pure astonishment, leaving VIP individuals spellbound and craving for more. Prepare to be transported to a realm of enchantment, where every performance is tailored to ignite your imagination and elevate your exclusive event to unparalleled heights. Dubrovnik’s premier Magician is here to make your VIP experience truly magical.

Mađioničar Vladimir | Mađioničar za event | Rođendani za odrasle

🤩 Guest participation in all the tricks during the magic show
🤩 Highly IMPACTFUL and VISUAL tricks, all tailored to the audience
✮ Original professional magic tricks created exclusively by the magician himself, Vladimir
✅ Photography allowed
❌ Video recording of the performance is not permitted

⌛ Spellbinding Spectacle: Captivating Moments in Dubrovnik’s Unforgettable Event, Lasting 60 – 120 Minutes
⏱ The preparation time is approximately 20-25 minutes
👄 Croatian (HRV) or English (ENG) speaking area
💲 The price for the complete show is up to 5000 € for a maximum of 100 people

The price includes:

Arrival in Dubrovnik
Transfer from the airport to the accommodation in Dubrovnik
The described show (the magician will be present at the venue for up to 2 hours)
Professional attire and complete equipment for the performance
On your part, it is required to provide a designated area where the magician can set up their equipment and have a changing room.

Events with a Magician Vladimir in Dubrovnik

🤩 Locations where the close-up magic show for VIP guests can be held include:

✅ Yachts
✅ Hotels
✅ Convention centers
✅ Restaurants
✅ Private villas
✅ VIP lounges
✅ Casino & Automat Club

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Mađioničar Vladimir
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